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Enjoy next to the sea


Cold Starters

Anchovies cured in wine vinegar with avocado
Anchovies cured in wine vinegar
Anchovies with tomatoes
Melon with ham “Ibérico”
“Manchego” cheese
Cured Iberian ham
Prawns cocktail
Avocado pear with prawns
Pineapple with prawns
Octopus “Sardinales”


“Sardinales” salad
Mixed salad
Baked pepper salad
Tomatoes with garlic salad
Endivies salad with avocado pear and roquefort
Chicken salad with Cesar sauce
Tomato salad with mozzarella di bufala

Hot Starters

Prawn omelette
Garlic prawns “pil pil”
Octopus Galician style
Small fried pepper
Omelette to order
Spinach with cream with cheese
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mixed grilled vegetables
Spaghetti “Pil-Pil”


Onion soup (winter)
Tomato cream
Fish and seafood soup
Garlic soup
Andalusian “Gazpacho” (season)

Rice Dishes

Noodles casserole
Seafood & noodle casserole
“Black” rice
Fisherman’s rice
Seafood rice
Mixed paella
Special paella “Sardinales”
Meat paella
Rice with rock lobster
Rice with royal king prawns
Blind paella
Vegetables paella

Fried Fish

Anchovies in lemon
Fried fresh anchovies
Tender baby squid
Deep fried marineded fish
Mixed fried fish “Málaga” style
“Chanquetes” (whitebait, fish farm)
Wolf fish

Grilled Fish

Wolf fish
Angler fish
Sole bay
Grilled squid with salad
Selection of grilled fish


Grilled prawns
Grilled king prawns with salad
Baby clams with garlic
Mixed seafood grilled
Grilled crayfish
Royal king prawns
Rock lobster

Meat Dishes

Green peppered sirloin steak
Roquefort sirloin steak
Grilled sirloin steak
Green peppered entrecote steak
Roquefort entrecote steak
Grilled entrecote steak
Baby lambs chops
Escalope Milanaise
Grilled chicken
Chicken curry
Grilled iberian secret pork

Home Specialities

Baked fish in salt (golden fish or sea-bass)
Baked fish “a la espalda” (golden fish or sea-bass)
Baked fish (golden fish, sea-bass or turbot)
Grilled turbot
Mixed fish and seafood grilled
Salmon in dill sauce
Angler fish and king prawns skewer
Fish and seafood operetta
King prawns in Pernod or curry sauce
Sole in champagne sauce
Angler fish “Sardinales” style
Hake “Marinera” style
Chateaubrian in Bernese sauce
Beef sirloin steak kebab